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What My Readers say About  Treasure of My Heart

 “Prachi Gangwal, author of Buttons” reviewed The Treasure of My Heart: An Adventure in Costa Rica

Historical suspense for kids! February 18, 2013

It is a book that takes you in and out of the old historical past with the feeling of modern life intact as the siblings get involved in finding the treasure. The various media illustrations add life to the words. It touches various topics like patience, family time, fears, courage, life in older times, excitement of treasure hunt and love.
The details of the past life through the character’s diary writing is done beautifully.

RioB reviewed The Treasure of My Heart: An Adventure in Costa Rica

An exciting tale with beautiful illustrations February 6, 2013
This book is perfect for school-aged children. It’s a tale about siblings on a path of mystery in the land of Costa Rica. It has rich descriptions of the land, and the illustrations portray the scenery beautifully. The message at the end is encouraging for children, and there’s even a secret code they can figure out. I wont spoil the secret, but it’s really cool. Highly recommend!



The Treasure of My Heart by Linda Lindor      

The land was Costa Rica; a place of memories…


Luz, Janet and Ben stumble upon a great historical find that draws them into the life of Anabella, one of the early settlers of this lush tropical paradise.

Their discovery takes them on a search for The Treasure of My Heart that binds time and place.

The deep green silhouette of two giant mountains lay against the peaceful sky of late afternoon. The sunken valley cradles tales of many adventures and memories. The place is encamped by a range of mountains that lead to the pacific, but to follow her trail the traveler is indeed challenged by her never ending peaks.


Not far to the east, there is a volcano. Some say that they have seen both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans from her heights; a sight to behold only on a bright, cloudless day. This giant forms a picturesque backdrop for the great valley.


Into the hills, one is drawn by the melody of a cascade whose song is thunderous in rainy winter months, and yet gentle and soothing in the dry summer heat. Then, the once lush green carpet turns to gold.


Along the stream runs a path that leads from a small bathing pool created by a dam of logs, to a rough cabin hidden in the woods. The sounds of children daily harmonize with the river’s tune especially in the heart of the summer vacations.


The sounds were of joy, a happy song. They were the voices and laughter of three delightful youths…


There is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Can you find the clues?




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