Oct 13

The Book Club


Lynn Laughing

 I had sold a copy of my book to a family while I was on vacation. A few weeks later, the couple called me and told me how several of their friends had started a weekly book club and were reading my book together as the first in their club program. They had finished the story and were very puzzled about the riddle. They had a lot of fun trying to figure it out but they asked for a clue to see if they were on the right track. I told them that I would give them only one clue and the couple laughed heartily over the phone.

After a couple of weeks they phoned me back and told me that the group  had solved the riddle and had so much fun doing so. The group hoped that I would write a sequel with another riddle attached. They also told me that the club would read it again after they had covered some other tittles.

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