Poem from the novel The Treasure of My Heart

by Linda Lindor
The two great mountains before my eyestown

Are seen beneath the evening skies

The shadow they cast upon the hill

Protects a place where the air is still


Below it lays an emerald place

Two hills there sleep, where cattle graze

Then follow along the golden way

Where the warm sand shines from the heat of day


Beyond the trees beware not fall

For the valley below looks very small

Continue on and do not fear

For now you know the treasure is near


A dignified man, his eyes can see

The gift that we have hidden for thee…

The ‘treasure of my heart’


Yes, within the stone that is on the hill

Reveals the place where his heart does fill


With joy and love for his maiden fair

He conceals the gift of which they share

Their two hearts blending into a life

As he took her, as his beloved wife.


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