Jun 11

Corine La Font Interview with Linda

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Here is a link to a recording of the radio interview with Corine. I hope you enjoy it.
Linda Lindor


Jun 04

Book Interview June 4 2014

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Would you like to learn more about the creating of “Treasure of My Heart?” Please join me by listening to my radio interview by Corine La Font June 4th at 6 pm EST
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May 31

June 1, 2013: The Adobe House

Near the town of Cartago, there is a wonderful botanical orchid garden.

adobehouseMy mother had a great fondness for orchids and this was number one on the sightseeing-to-do list. She was definitely not disappointed. The park has a greenhouse to support the plant life, and the varieties of orchids are plentiful and are found not only here, but throughout Costa Rica. Visitors enjoy the blooms best during the months of March and April.

The park had an adobe style house for visitors to feel a sense of history there. I made of “The Adobe House” drawing at this particular place, although, original adobe style homes still stand in many communities.

May 31

May 30, 2013: The Town

townGarcimuñoz was an historical name of a small town located in a system of valleys near the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. The town is understood to have been first located in Desamparados and later around 1563 near the present day city of Cartago.

I did this drawing of the town while travelling with my parents to see the Irazu volcano just east of the town. From the rim of one of the roadways heading toward the peak of the volcano, there was the loveliest view of the Cartago valley. This volcano is the one I wrote about in the book’s opening description. From the peak, on a very clear day, both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans can be seen.  I have never personally witnessed this since the peak was cloud covered when I visited it. It must truly be a spectacle if one has the opportunity to travel to its peak in the right weather conditions.

Nov 15

Inspiration for Becoming an Author

Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf

Today I am guest blogger at Moonlight Gleam . I am writing about Inspiration for becoming an author for Treasure of My Heart.

The Costa Rican landscape is awe inspiring! While living in the mountains there, I was fascinated by the community spirit and the hospitality of the local villagers. I developed some close friendships with my neighbors and enjoyed visiting with them and sharing hospitality in my own home as well.
I volunteered to have some children stay at my house while their parents went to work or had other things to attend to. The youths asked me to tell them stories. Since I always enjoyed writing stories, I decided to entertain the children with stories that would spark their imaginations. Thus, we set out on an adventure together. I used the local area as a setting for the story and included locations that were familiar to them.
As each week went by, I found myself writing down what I had told the week before since the children would ask questions about what had happened in the story. I enjoyed this so much that I was well prepared for each week, anticipating their excitement.
As you know, the favorite question a child may ask is: why? Well, now I was in for some work since I needed to have accurate answers for the children about the local history…thus began my research.
I went to museums and libraries to learn about Costa Rican history. I tried to use information that the children were learning at school and thus encourage their studies. Although it is not a history book and the account is fictional, the youths enjoyed a story that was set in their local area and included things they were familiar with. The children were thrilled with each new chapter. Telling the story was as much fun for me as it was for those listening.
I completed a first limited edition in 1997 and I am now releasing the second edition. In the near future, I hope to produce the story in the Spanish language as well.
Check it out at Moonlight Gleam

Oct 13

The Book Club


Lynn Laughing

 I had sold a copy of my book to a family while I was on vacation. A few weeks later, the couple called me and told me how several of their friends had started a weekly book club and were reading my book together as the first in their club program. They had finished the story and were very puzzled about the riddle. They had a lot of fun trying to figure it out but they asked for a clue to see if they were on the right track. I told them that I would give them only one clue and the couple laughed heartily over the phone.

After a couple of weeks they phoned me back and told me that the group  had solved the riddle and had so much fun doing so. The group hoped that I would write a sequel with another riddle attached. They also told me that the club would read it again after they had covered some other tittles.

Jul 19

Infographic for Treasure of My Heart